Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ways to Seek Righteous Companionship

1.       Visit Masajid Daily
For men, the masjid is a place they visit several times a day. They tend to pray with the same people on a daily basis for extended periods. With time, they get to observe the congregation and unconsciously get to know their habits, behaviors, likes and dislikes, strengths and weakness, etc. Thus the local masjid is a fertile ground to seek righteous companionship. The imam is often someone who has studied the deen for many years and as a public figure is living what he preaches. Befriending him is important to one’s development.

2.       Do Good Deeds Collectively
People cooperate with each other to carry out amaal as saleh in society. Good works come in a whole spectrum of initiatives whether it be building a masjid, donating an organ, drilling a well, financing an ambulance, setting up a soup kitchen or standing up to injustice. People who share a vision and are motivated to spend resources to improve society are certainly one’s you should associate with often. Perhaps the best work is doing dawah and there are ample opportunities to learn and teach your dawah companions. Similarly, I have observed that the people one does Umrah and Hajj with become lifelong friends. How often it happens that one meets such an individual in one’s city’s masjid and reminisce about the spiritual journey they undertook together.

3.       Seek Religious Knowledge in Groups
The status of a scholar is much higher than that of a worshiper. Those who teach and learn religious knowledge together develop deep bonds of brotherhood. Their interest in knowledge for Allah’s sake attests to their piety. They are struggling to develop good characters and manners. Who would not like to be in such company?

4.       Get Married for the Deen
One spends most of one’s life with one’s immediate family, so it is vital to ensure that they are righteous. Marrying a righteous spouse and having good in-laws is critical to enjoy beneficial lifelong companionship. When one has children one focuses on their proper tarbiyya. Establishing a daily family study circle brings blessings in a home. It makes it a visiting place for angels and a nurturing ground for righteousness. Such a home can be a virtual masjid. By inviting good people to it, one strengthens bonds with righteous family friends.

5.       Socialize Through Your Parents & Progeny

After one reaches a certain age, one’s parents become like friends. They genuinely wish the best for their progeny and know them inside out so they can be a good source of council and companionship. Similarly righteous friends of one’s parents who had beneficial impact on your upbringing can be a source of wisdom and advice. Just as one should befriend one’s parents, one should be one’s kids’ best friends as well and in turn seek good company for them. Their Islamic school friends can be ours as well. Other parents who enroll their children in Islamic schools have similar goals and concerns as ourselves. They can be excellent companions. Lastly one’s children’s teachers have the best interest in mind for our families. Their companionship is equally valuable.

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