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Miracles of Makkah

Mentioned as Umm al Qurra, i.e. Mother of Cities (Settlements) in the Holy Quran, Makkah is the birthplace of Islam. It had special significance, as a center of annual pilgrimage, even before the Message of the Last Messenger was preached. In its central valley is situated the Baitul Ateeq, the oldest place of worship for mankind. It was originally built by angels when the Earth was being formed. It was rebuilt and repaired several times by different Prophets of Allah, including Adam (AS) and Abraham (AS). In the sky above the Kaaba, lies the Baitul Mamoor, the Oft-Visited House; the place of worship of angels. The sanctuary around the Kaaba today is known as the Masjid al Haraam, the Sacred Mosque.

Throughout centuries, mankind has witnessed special miraculous powers while visiting this Holy Land. The reward of prayers performed there are multiplied hundred thousand times the reward of prayers in any ordinary place on Earth. The atmosphere of the place affects the guests of Allah (SWT), as it causes them to stay away from sins and engrossed in worship. They know, that if their worship is accepted, they will go back to their homes as sinless as a newborn.

Walking through the streets of Makkah, one hears the Salaam (Islamic greeting) everywhere as no non-Muslim are allowed in its boundaries. It is the center of the Muslim world and one can meet representatives from all Muslim countries as well as Muslims from non-Muslim lands there. As they carry out the manasik (rituals) of worship together in the same simple attire, they feel a common bond of brotherhood among them. They address each other lovingly and respectfully as Haaji or Haajah. There is no industry or other source of business in Makkah except related to its special place of pilgrimage from Muslims. Thus its provision (rizq) comes from all over the world. Traders and shopkeepers in Makkah know several languages and invite customers in their own. Nevertheless, Arabic is the lingua franca of Muslims there. Even those weak in it find their levels enhanced after a visit there in its practical language laboratory. A visit there is more beneficial than several classes back home. Students and scholars of Islam from all over the world desire to learn and teach in Makkah. Indeed one can find many halaqas (study circles) of knowledge in between the prayer times in the Sacred Mosque.

The blessings of Makkah are due to Prophet Ibrahim's (AS) supplication:

“O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in an uncultivable valley by Your Sacred House in order that they may perform As-Salat. So fill some hearts among men with love towards them, and (O Allah) provide them with fruits so that they may give thanks.”
(Surah Ibrahim, v. 37)

Part of the fulfillment of that supplication is the well of Zamzam. It has miraculous powers for whatever you intend it for and it does not diminish. Many have found miraculous cures in its drinking.

Indeed prayers, generally, are answered more in Makkah. Throughout history, it has been a place for turning points in the lives of many Muslims who became motivated to improve themselves due to their visits. Psychologically, Makkah causes tranquility of the soul as well as physical and spiritual improvement of the body. A Muslim feels energized and his level of eeman increases, causing him to wish to return again and again to this blessed city.

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