Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Scripture So Special

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It is amazing that both Muslims and non-Muslims attest to the unique qualities of the Quran. Let us consider what makes this scripture so special.

Linguistically the genre of the Quran can not be described as prose nor complete poetry. It is something unique in literature. Despite being eloquent to the extreme, its vocabulary is surprisingly limited, allowing anyone to understand it without translation with some effort on his part. Not only that, anyone can recite it as it was meant to be recited by the Arabs, with some training in tajweed. The Quran repeatedly throws a literary challenge to its doubters -- asking them to produce anything similar to it. The fact that nothing exists of a similar nature despite centuries of attempts, signifies the unearthly qualities of its origin. The Arabs -- both Muslims and Christians -- unanimously agree to the literary masterpiece of the Quran and hold it as a reference for all Arabic works. No doubt, the Quran is the reason for the survival of Arabic as a first language in 22 countries and a formal language of religion in many others. It allows the Arabs to understand each other despite the vast differences in their colloquial forms that they use in every day parlance.

The rewards and benefits one can achieve with an association with the Quran are truly limitless. It is the real primary source of guidance for all humanity. Reciting it daily with understanding and thought, causes one to live in the context of his journey in life. It increases the reciter in belief or eemaan. Its verses are a protection against evil and magic. It helps people achieve good spiritual health. It relieves pain and suffering in many physical ailments. Its recitation is rewarded both in this life and the next. It provides insights and wisdom for its students by developing their worldview of true reality. Subsequently it has changed the lives of innumerable people throughout history and provides the most important reason for believers to come to and stay committed to their religion. Angels gather during gatherings of its study circles, supplicating for all those present.

Allah (SWT) has promised to protect the actual text of the Quran from alteration. No wonder, research has shown that it has not changed since its compilation. It is the only holy Scripture, in which the Creator Himself speaks in the first person verbatim to mankind almost throughout its text. Despite being revealed in portions during 23 years of span of time, there is no contradiction in its contents. Its main topic is mankind's guidance for which it expounds natural laws and consequences. Its description of nature contains many scientific insights whose veracity we are still attesting to even today.

Historically, the Quran is the final scripture of revelation that was sent by Allah (SWT) to a series of Messengers to mankind -- the last being Prophet Muhammad (SWAS). It provides information about past civilizations which was lost prior to its revelation as well as containg prophcies which have come true with time. It is the Quran that fueled the eemaan of Muslims, who then went on to change the course of history. History has shown through successful Islamic revival movements, that it still has the potential power to do it again and again.

The Quran literally means something that is recited over and over again. Countless Muslims have recited it througout their lives and still do so today. It is the most read and most memorized book in human literary history. Allah (SWT) has shown miracles to many civilizations in the past to help them come to the Truth. He (SWT) has saved his most special gift to humanity for last -- The Quran -- Allah's (SWT) Everlasting Miracle.

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