Tuesday, March 28, 2017

People We Want to Become

1. Have successfully filtered out unislamic cultural vestiges due to centuries of Muslim decay, colonialism, nationalism and global materialism and have replaced them with the ideals from the Quran & Sunnah.

2. Love reading and teaching.

3. Have a deep connection with the Quran. Know know how to read it, know the word to word translation, tafsir and the holistic concepts which it propagates. Memorize as much as possible.

4. Love to study the Seerah to glean pearls of wisdom to implement in our lives.

5. Do not watch TV, movies and soap operas.

6. Do not listen to music.

7. Are slaves of Allah - not wealth. Abdullah Vs Abdul Maal.

8. Do not deal with riba either in the bank transactions or how they finance purchases like houses, cars and university education.

9. Are not educated in the public school system.

10. Are not closed minded.

11. Are confident but not arrogant of their Muslim identity.

12. Value genuine relationships and keep in touch with people.

13. Have an abundant mentality - not a scarcity mentality.

14. Socialize by doing projects that benefit the Muslim community, rather than just socialize for the sake of socializing in dinner parties, etc.

15. Have high goals - for the dunya and aakhirah.

16. Have learnt Classical Arabic

17. Know how to deal with people of different backgrounds,

18. Understand Islam holistically, are committed to it genuinely and not for the sake of social conformity.

19. Know how to apply Islam is new situations or have a network of good scholars accessible who can suggest solutions. Are not shy of asking difficult questions.

20. Do not hesitate to do the right thing.

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