Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rules for Seeking Rizq

1. Do everything from the fear and love of Allah (SWT)
2. Be aakhirah driven
3. Always do the right thing – don’t compromise on your religion
4. Be humble – even the tea boy can teach you many things
5. Keep learning by doing new things
6. Be cheerful and positive – don’t complain...
7. Respect and sincerely care about others
8. Don’t get entangled in office politics – it’s not worth it
9. Don’t seek leadership positions – but accept challenges if offered
10. Don’t snatch work or credit for work from others
11. Be with the Believers – pray in congregation
12. Develop a vision – keep improving it
13. Innovate
14. Don’t let unfair practices stop you from producing good work
15. Keep in touch with people
16. Keep good relations with everyone – not just your countrymen
17. Don’t blow your own trumpet – let your work and character speak for itself
18. Speak the truth – even if it hurts you
19. Have tawakkul on Allah not your abilities and circumstances
20. Strive to live a Sunnah lifestyle – you will be harnessing the power of nature to propel you
21. Learn aspects of your work that complement your speciality
22. Keep track of new trends in your field – attend conferences, workshops, seminars
23. Look out for opportunities to do good work – volunteer and give good advice
24. Take regular time out to contemplate on how you can improve
25. Ask feedback and consult with others
26. Keep a work-life balance
27. Exceed expectations of others in terms of the quality and timing of your deliverables
28. Don’t hide information and resources from others
29. Learn to work with different type of people
30. Make your work be part of the higher goals and vision Allah has for you

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