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An Islamic Play: "The Strong and the Trustworthy" (Translation)

Translated from Arabic to English by Abu Abdullah

The room of Abu Bakr. In it there is a bed, which is not raised too high above the ground. There is a ****** looking down on the Prophet’s masjid. The curtain lifts up on Abu Bakr lying down on his bed and with him is his wife, Asmaa Bint Umais.

(The child, Muhammad Bin Abu Bakr enters and he is crying)

The child: O my mother, where is my toy, O my mother?

Asmaa: (with a low voice) … Keep quite O boy. Don’t bother your father.

The child: Where did you put my toy?

Asmaa: I hid it

The child: Is it because my father is sick, you prevent me from playing?

Asmaa: Yes

The child: I will not play in the house… I will play outside.

Asmaa: Keep quiet… Not in the house, and not outside.

Abu Bakr: (moves in his bed and opens his eyes) did Umar come?

Asmaa: No, O khalifa of the Messenger of Allah, he did not come.

Abu Bakr: Muhammad, come. Listen to me, O my son. (The child came close to him so he kissed him) Why do I see you crying?

The child: My mother, O my father, she took my toy.

Abu Bakr: Do you wish to play now?

The child: Yes, O my father…outside.

Abu Bakr: O Asmaa, give him his toy.

Asmaa: I hear and I obey O Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah (she exited with the child and the returned)

Asmaa: How do you find yourself, now?

Abu Bakr: Praise be to Allah

A voice: O people of Abu Bakr! O people of Abu Bakr!

Asmaa: This is the voice of Umar Bin Khattab

Abu Bakr: Make me sit down. (Asmaa assists him in sitting and places a pillow behind his back) Tell him to enter and let not anyone enter until Umar is done.

(Asmaa exits then Umar enters)

Umar: Peace be upon you, O Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah.

Abu Bakr: And to you be peach and mercy of Allah. Where were you O son of Khattab? I was searching for you since yesterday.

Umar: Indeed Allah does not shy away from the truth. Some business came from Yemen so it made me busy, away from you.

Abu Bakr: So are you done from it for today?

Umar: Yes I bought from it and profited. How are you today, O Abu Bakr?

Abu Bakr: (Displaying patience as he was suffering from his sickness) Praise be to Allah. I find myself free, O son of Khattab.

Umar: Praise be to Allah… I think that you are a little unwell and it will dissipate.

Abu Bakr: So do not appear to be absent from me, father of Hafsa.

Umar: I will not be absent from you, when you have need for me.

Abu Bakr: I need you all the time. I thought about a matter this morning and paused to work on it as I did not know its place with Allah, so will you inform me of it, O Umar?

Umar: Lovingly and gratefully, O Abu Bakr.

Abu Bakr: The booty which I was dividing among the Muslims equally, not differentiating one of them from another, so what is your opinion concerning it?

Umar: My opinion today is as it was yesterday… Do not treat the newcomers and the old Muslims alike. By Allah, do not favor those who fought the Messenger of Allah by those who fought with him.

Abu Bakr: O son of Khattab, the early Muslims, they submitted to Allah and they have their reward. He will do justice to them on the Day of Judgment, and certainly this world is a proclamation.

Umar: O Abu Bakr, you asked me my opinion, so this is my opinion.

Abu Bakr: You said the truth. What is your opinion concerning Khalid Ibn Al Walid?

Umar: Verily you know my opinion regarding this.

Abu Bakr: ******************************************************

Umar: O Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah, verily Ibn Al Waleed is a sword from among the swords of Allah, like the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah described him, but it is not befitting to make him a leader of Muslims while the likes of Ubaidah is with them.

Abu Bakr: Examine yourself O father of Hafsa. This is with respect of me from you.

Umar: What do you mean?

Abu Bakr: You have passed your exam O son of Khattab. I found you like I directly pledged for you. You do not cheat.

Umar: And what did you intend by this, O Abu Bakr?

Abu Bakr: I intended by this to choose you as khalifa, O Umar.

Umar: Don’t do it O Abu Bakr… I have no need for it.

Abu Bakr: But there is a need for you O Umar.

Umar: So choose someone else other than me O Abu Bakr.

Abu Bakr: Who shall I choose?

Umar: Choose Abu Ubaida, as he is trustworthy of this nation.

Abu Bakr: I already thought of it O son of Khattab, but I did not find in him strength like you have. He is trustworthy, but I want strength and trustworthiness.

Umar: O khalifa of the Messenger of Allah, how did you choose me, and you know that I dispute with you in the division of the booty, concerning Khalid Ibn Al Waleed, in the Battle of the Apostates after they turned away from Islam and in other many matters?

Abu Bakr: **** O Umar. Verily this caused me to choose you even more.  I want a man, if he said yes, he will stick to it, and if he said no, he will stick to it; and you are that man, O Umar.

Umar: ****** O Abu Bakr. I am afraid for myself and for my religion and my afterlife.

Abu Bakr: This matter deals with two things, O Umar: a man seeking the Chalifate, and he knows that there is someone else more deserving of it, and a man who refuses it, and he knows that he is the best person for it, fearing to take the responsibility. He thinks of the responsibility it is appropriate to sacrifice for the service of people.

Umar: O Abu Bakr. I request you to have mercy on me from a difficult recokning on Judgment Day.

Abu Bakr: ***** O Umar. Verily the just ruler will be from among the seven who will be given shade by Allah in His shade, on the day there will be no shade except His.

Umar: (Crying) who am I to have this position? Who am I for this? Who am I for this?

Abu Bakr: Allah gave you this O Umar. Allah gave you this … Allah gave you this!

Umar: O Abu Bakr, verily tomorrow you will not gain regarding me from Allah anything.

Abu Bakr: I implore you by Allah who knows what is in your soul O Umar. Do you know anyone better for it among the Muslims?

Umar: Among Muslims there are people better than me, O Abu Bakr.

Abu Bakr: But I consider you better than them O father of Hafsa.

Umar: Have you consulted with the Muslims about this first O Abu Bakr?

Abu Bakr: I will do it O father of Hafsa. It will be the last important thing, and everything after that will become easy, with Allah’s permission.

The room of Abu Bakr, the following day.
Abu Bakr is lying on his bed and with him is Uthman Ibn Affan, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Abdulrahman Ibn Awf, Saeed Ibn Zayd, Usayd Ibn Hudayr and Talha Ibn Abdallah.
Ibn Awf: Were you searching for us O Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah?
Abu Bakr: Yes, like I was searching for other than you from among the Migrants and the Helpers, so that I be guided by their opinion. I am as you see me, I am sick. I desire to appoint a man who is strong and trustworthy as Khalifa for you. I think Umar Ibn Khattab is such a man. What is your opinion? What do you think, O Abdulrahman about Umar?
Ibn Awf: Do not ask me about this matter, as you know it as I do
Abu Bakr: And if I do
Ibn Awf: By Allah, I prefer him more than your opinion of him

Abu Bakr: And you O Uthman. Tell me about Umar Ibn Khattab

Uthman: You informed us of it O Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr: About this O Father of Abdullah. I want to listen to your opinion

Uthman: I think your choice is good and there is no other like him

Usayd: I know him to be the best after you, *************, and those who do good secretly from those who announce it and no one stronger will follow this matter****

Abu Bakr: May Allah reward you with what is better O Brother Helper. And you Ali Ibn Abi Talib, O Son of the Uncle of the Messenger of Allah. What do you say of Umar?

Ali: O Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah, what can I say about a man who strengthen Islam by converting to it, no one strengthened it as he did  and I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying about it: Verily Allah made the Truth on his tongue and in his heart.

Abu Bakr: Bless you O Son of the Uncle of the Messenger of Allah; so what *** to the people who say to me: **** fear Allah in making Umar a leader of the Muslims.

Talha: So trust in Allah and make him Khalifa. By Allah, there is none among us who is stronger in the matter than him.

Abu Bakr: Praise be to Allah, my heart is at peace after consulting with you, may Allah reward you with better. Disperse with thanks if you will and leave Uthman Ibn Affan with me.
(The people left one by one, after greeting Abu Bakr and praying for him)

Uthman: (he saw Abu Bakr in pain) I see you in pain O Abu Bakr, so shall I call for you your people (family)?

Abu Bakr: No O Uthman. Don’t do it. But bring your paper and pen for dictating to you the written agreement.

Uthman: At this time, O Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah?

Abu Bakr: At this time O Uthman before passing away.
(He hears the voice of the caller calling for Asr prayer)

Abu Bakr: Wait for me a little while O Uthman, until I offer the Asr prayer (he starts prayer while he is sitting, then he feels weak and he shakes, until he completes the prayer while shaking) Come on O Uthman!

Uthman: (He came close to him, he took out his paper and his pen and his inkpot) Dictate O Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah.

Abu Bakr: (he dictates while Uthman writes) Write O Uthman… In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. This is what Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Kuhafa takes oath in his last oath in the world before leaving it, and the first oath in the Hereafter as he enters it, even though the disbeliever believes, the immoral rectifies, the liar speaks the truth, I appoint on them after me (Abu Bakr loses consciousness)

Uthman: I appoint on them after me … Dictate O Abu Bakr ..***! He has gone with it! There is no might or power except with Allah (he calls out) O people of the house! ************

Abu Bakr: You were afraid I lost myself in that unconsciousness without appointing a Khalifa?

Uthman: Yes

Abu Bakr: So read what you have written.

Uthman: I appoint on them after me Umar Ibn Khattab, so I named him and I obey. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Abu Bakr: Well done O Uthman, take the seal and seal it.

Uthman: I took the seal and sealed it  O Abu Bakr (he returns the seal to him)

Abu Bakr: May Allah reward you with good concerning Islam and family. Exit O Uthman and call (congregational prayer), as I wish to speak to them from this ************ than bring me Umar.
(Uthman leaves and Asmaa enters)

Asmaa: This is Ayesha, the Mother of Believers O Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr: Welcome to Ayesha, welcome to the Mother of Believers, welcome to the beloved of the Messenger of Allah

Ayesha: (She kisses the head of her father) How are you today O father?

Abu Bakr: With the praise of Allah O Ayesha.

Ayesha: I sent my girl to you, she told me you were hosting some men.

Asmaa: Yes, men were here all day

Ayesha: **********************

Abu Bakr: O Mother of Believers, how can I console myself ******* the matter of this nation? ******* me O Asmaa until I am honored with this ********* on the people of the masjid.
(Asmaa takes him with his hand and Ayesha and Umm Farwa support him from behind his back. He took his head out from the window)

Abu Bakr: O people, O Muslim society, pay attention to me as perhaps you will not hear my voice after today. I have made a contract, and I did not neglect to consult, and I did not appoint someone closely related to me. Do you be satisfied with who I appoint to be your Khalifa?

The group: We accept O Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah. Whoever you choose we are satisfied with him.

Abu Bakr: I have appointed Umar Ibn Khattab as your Khalifa so listen to him and obey.

The group: We hear and we obey Khalifa of the Messenger of Allah.

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