Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Greater Evil

Most Pakistani Muslims going to the West only concern themselves with being safe from eating only halal/zabiha meat. They make inquiries about its availability. They meticulously check the ingredients before buying any product, etc. Unfortunately they have no qualms in dealing with interest in banking or borrowing on interest for their cars and housing. Eating halal food is mentioned in the Quran but there are no real warnings for those who do not like there are for dealing in interest.

Have a look at these warnings:

1. Dealing in interest is tantamount to WAR with ALLAH and HIS PROPHET (SWAS) {Quran}

2. Dealing in interest is as if you have been made mad by the touch of Iblees (Satan) {Quran}

3. Dealing in interest at the lowest level is equivalent to having intercourse with your mother {Hadith, Ibn Majah -- classified as Saheeh by Shaykh Al Albani}

4, The Prophet (SWAS) refused to pray janaza for those who had loans (non-interest bearing).
If this is the case with halal loans, imagine how serious is having interest bearing loans for 20-30 years!

Most of us borrow on interest to show off their wealth & status. If a simple used car would be sufficient for our needs, we borrow to drive a 4x4. If a studio apartment can serve our purpose, we go for a town house. The habits of living economically within our means are now becoming extinct. Why should one save money for such investments and pay zakaat on it when one can pay that amount in downpayment and enjoy the life of the privileged members of society?

Question: Why is Riba prohibited in such serious terms?

Answer: Because it pools resources in the hands of only some members of society and causes enmity among the haves and have-nots. Eating non-zabiha meat causes health problems which are limited to the individual. Dealing in interest tears apart the fabric of brotherhood in societies apart and has serious repercussions. Since the effect is more the severity of prohibition is more.

Unfortunately we often follow Islam on the basis of peer pressure. If we can find a fatwa that will justify our desires to our Muslim friends and relatives we will pursue that course of action. There is a great need to understand Islam holistically. Imagine that there is no one around you that you are answerable to no one except Allah. Will you still follow your desires and justify your wrong actions to the ALL KNOWING? Being answerable to Him is most important. Everyone else do not matter...


  1. Also now in pakistan, banks have started using a new brand "islamic banking" i really wonder in how they can offer riba free products when infact they are doing a riba business.


  2. Scholars differ about Islamic banking. Some call it "back door riba" like you inferred. Others see it as an alternative for Muslims to fulfill their needs while satisfying the obligations of their deen.


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