Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Color (Sibghah) of Allah (SWT)

"Our Sibghah is the Sibghah of Allah and which Sibghah can be better than Allah's? And we are His worshippers" (Surah Baqarah v. 138)

Have you seen shopkeepers in Pakistan dieing ladies scarves in various colors? The scarf containing original colors comes out with the color of the die. So what is the sibghah (color) of Allah? It is tawheed (Islamic monotheism)! The similitude of a non-Muslim entering Islam is like dieing his multicolored mind and heart with principles of tawheed.

Islamic theology is an integrated whole in which different parts interact with each other. One principle reinforces the other to give an holistic perspective of life. This reinforced version of Islamic philosophy provides a Mumin with the wisdom to understand different things from one perspective (Reality). When someone submits to Allah, one is bound to enter the deen completely. All fabric of his thought must be dyed with the Sibghah of Allah. No thread can be left untouched. He is not supposed to keep a multi-patched outlook to life. Islam should penetrate all aspects of his life; be it personal, family, community, national, international, economic, educational, etc. Influences from other philosophies which contradict reality has no place in his perspective.

For many of us, our commitment to Islam is motivated by social conformity, rather than conformity to its principles. A lot of us have spent a lifetime in studying some branch of knowledge for our professional development. How much time have we invested in studying & implementing the Sibghah of Allah in our lives? Is it not then surprising to find individuals who emphasize one aspect of the religion while ignoring other aspects?

Unfortunately, these days the principles of materialism affect most of us. We compete with each other in wealth & status and use religion as a tool in this race. Let us change our situation and re-enter the die of Allah (SWT) by being His true worshipers in all aspects of His religion.

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